About Santa Rosa Energy

Company Overview

Santa Rosa Energy, Ltd. ("Santa Rosa" or the "Company") is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company based in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our holdings and operations are diversified and include shallow and deep natural gas exploration and production spanning eighteen Texas counties, including shallow oil exploration and production activities in east Texas, pursuit of Woodbine conventional sandstone opportunities in Polk County, and exploration and development of emerging resource plays. The Company's operations include wells producing 2,000 foot deep Yegua oil sands to deep geopressured wells. Exposure to a wide range of wells from prospect evaluation, to drilling, engineering and production operations, gives Santa Rosa a significant advantage in pursuing diverse, economically attractive prospects.

Our Objectives

Pursuit of conventional wildcat prospects, acreage positions and development of reserves abandoned by much of the industry that is pursuing high-cost, competitive horizontal resource plays. Securing acreage positions in emerging, and unproven resource play areas by exploration and development of shallower traditional plays. Devote a portion of capital expenditures to high risk-high reward prospect areas. Grow proved reserves and production primarily through the drillbit.


Santa Rosa Energy, Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Roger S. Braugh, Jr., a lawyer and descendant of the McGill family, who had owned and operated over a hundred thousand acres of South Texas ranches with significant oil and gas production dating to the 1930s. Mr. Braugh's oil and gas experience began when working as an oilfield roustabout in Brooks County as a teenager. His expertise further developed in handling complex oil and gas litigation concerning royalty, drilling and production disputes as a lawyer, and eventually evolved to acquisition and interpretation of three dimensional seismic data, prospect development, and drilling and production operations.

The Company was named after the ranch Mr. Braugh was raised on, the Santa Rosa Viejo, an 18,000 acre ranch in Kleberg County and Kenedy County, Texas. The McGill family ranches had significant oil and gas operations, and included the Kelsey Field in Brooks County and Starr County, Santa Rosa Field in Kenedy County, and McGill Field in Kleberg County and Kenedy County. The company's logo is a version of the McGill family triangle brand.

Santa Rosa Energy, Ltd. was originally founded to pursue development of oil and gas prospects on McGill family minerals, but soon expanded to pursue prospects and opportunities on other lands. The company has remained privately funded and closely-held and has purposely avoided the institutional pressure that would result from outside financiers.

At its inception and to this day, Santa Rosa's strategy has been to acquire or develop prospects and retain significant working interests in assets with substantial development potential. Santa Rosa expanded its capabilities in 2014 when its affiliate, Santa Rosa Operating, LLC, became operational. Paleo Oil Company LLC was formed in 2015 to own and operate our significant exploration project in Polk County, Texas. Santa Rosa Operating, LLC will operate all other projects.